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Cecilia James

I am Cecilia James and I met Carmen, founder of Caridad, when my son was about a year and half old. I worked for a group home for mentally challenged adults, and they provided me with a home and meals, for both me and my child, since I could not afford to live on my own. Carmen came in to my life and gave me courage and guided me to the next step in my life, having my own place. In order to have my own place, Carmen advised that I would need 2 jobs. Of course, I was blessed that my mother lives with me. I was able to accomplish my first goal and move to my own apartment. It is a great feeling. I have been working 2 jobs ever since. Presently, I am working on my next dream which is to own my own house. When I have a problem I cannot solve, the first person I call is Carmen, at Caridad. I was in a legal dispute and Caridad obtained my lawyer, guided me through the process in what to do and I was able to win the case. I know that Caridad will be at my side, as long as I listen and follow their advise. It has certainly worked for me and my son. Thank you Caridad!