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Helping Single Mothers Achieve Self-Sufficiency

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Kastle Alford

I’m a single mom of 4 babies. I found out about Caridad after asking for help with my children’s school supplies. Carmen had donated supplies to kids who needed them and provided a letter for those parents who may need extra help. At the time I had to take off 2 weeks of work to take care of my children. Due to that I fell extremely behind on bills. After reaching out to Caridad, Carmen met with me to learn my story and see how they could best help me. They have helped me with my utility’s and prevented them from being shut off. I’m currently still working with Caridad on bettering my life and getting back to self dependency. Schooling, childcare, rental assistance and more are what we are focusing on and working towards in the near future. Carmen has made it clear that Caridad is in it for the long run for myself and my children and will always be there to guide me and offer advice when needed.